Tuesday, January 27, 2015

He proposed!- The tale of a Day to Remember!

So I know I'm typing this a bit late (considering it happened December 4th), but I decided I DID indeed want to share the story of my proposal. Even though I've told it a million times to anyone who cared or wanted to know, I want to put it down in writing. That way it's out there and I can forever look back on this time a reminisce about one of the most amazing days of my life. For a little background (for those who do not know) My now Fiance, Eric and I have been together for five years (October 7th, 2009). Quite a long time I admit and so would he. I was sure that come our five year anniversary it would happen and so that came and went. I was disappointed it didn't happen on our five year anniversary vacation trip to Florida (I mean come on the beach what more do you need?). Alas it didn't but even though I was disappointed I knew it would happen and I suddenly felt a weight lifted. The moment I had built up had come and gone and now I had the mindset 'It'll happen when it happens".
And so the story begins....

I started the day of as any typical day. My shift was 11:30AM-8PM and off I went to have a most productive day at work on Thursday December 4th 2014. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred at the begging, but after 4 (unsure of the exact time) I was helping a customer when I went to go grab something and almost ran into someone. As I went to apologize I realized that someone was my dear friend Jazmine Estes. She had her hand behind her back (thought nothing of it) and I hugged her as I asked what she was doing here. While she explained she was 'in the neigborhood' (she actually should have been at work) I realized she had flowers behind her back. She said they were for me and then said let's go we are leaving. I obviously had four more hours to go so I laughed when I told her and then to my surprise my Store Manager came up and said oh don't worry it's slow (it wasn't) go on and get out of here. At first I thought I was being fired, when she assured me I wasn't I grabbed my things and followed my friend out of the store. I realized then what was happening. I mean it's been five years anything out of the ordinary would have sent red flags, but I said nothing and off we went.

After assuring me that we didn't need to take my car and that hers would suffice, Jazmine led me to "HER" car. There was a driver waiting with a car to take us to my apartment to change. I couldn't believe it. So whole way to my apartment and then to Chicago (according to them we were going on a tour) I played along with everything. I couldn't contain my excitement. I started to text my mom and almost told her what I suspected, but I refrained from doing so (don't jinx it right?) haha. So after a longer then normal drive to the city (protestors were out that day and not to mention the Bears game) we drove to a spot not to far from the Planetarium. At this point they (the driver and Jazmine) are trying to distract me from seeing Eric walking to the car (which I clearly saw). Eric then opens the door all dressed up and hands me more flowers while saying we are going for a walk. There we left Jaz and the driver (who I knew I would see again).

As we walked we got many congratulations from passerby's on their way to the stadium. Though nothing had happened I smiled and thanked them as we walked on in our own conversation. I could see us approaching the Planetarium and started to notice the beautiful skyline view of the city all lit up in the cold dark night. We walked a ways, close to the lake and Eric started to talk. This is what I remember.

"It was about five years ago on a Thursday in December that we went on one of our very first dates. You sat here in this exact spot looking at the skyline. It was your first time and I took a picture of you (one of his favorites). Fast forward to five years later and they have been the best five years of my life. I just have one question for you. (Down on one knee) Will you marry me?"

At this point I am a mess (Kim Kardashian crying is how I like to put it). I said yes immediately and he reminded me that I still had my glove on and as I ripped it off and threw my flowers and bag to the ground we hugged and looked out to the amazing view. I was so happy. He preceded to tell some things he wanted to do, but unfortunate events (case in point the protestors) made that impossible, but I didn't care. I was elated and nothing could make this better. But Eric had something else up his suit sleeve.

As we hugged again I asked who all knew and he proceeded to tell me basically everyone. He had called my store manager a month ago to make sure I would work, but would be able to get off. My whole family knew at Thanksgiving. And as he said speaking of your family he turned me around to find my family starting down the hill towards Eric and I. Cue the Kim Kardashian crying. I couldn't believe it my Mom, Dad, Sister and cousin were there. Along with Jazmine (knew it!) and Austin (Best man). It was perfect and I knew he had made it even better, though I thought it couldn't be done.

We then decided (because we are classy and sophisticated people) to eat at Steak N' Shake. Our go to place from the beginning of college (mainly because they are open 24/7). I then made all the necessary calls. Finally finding some future bridesmaids that weren't told and started my epic tale of what was to be one of the most memorable days of my life. I am truly lucky to have so many loving people in my life and extraordinarily thankful to have Eric be THE ONE!

While I do apologize for this long long blog, I do want continue writing down everything through this wonderful journey. To not only remember it as it happens, but to share it with those of you who want to know. Hopefully these future post will become helpful to you and I will try to write them in a way that is so. Hope you all are having a happy New Year. Can't wait for the adventure it brings!


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  1. Was truly one of the best days of our lives and daddy and I could not be happier for our daughter and future son in law. Thanks Eric for being so good to our girl and glad the two of you have found the loves of your life!!!