Monday, August 1, 2011

Dress to Impress!

It seems that all I want to wear nowadays is dresses! I mean they are so comfy and easy to slip on (not to mention a nice breeze form the extreme heat we've been having lately). Styling a dress doesn't take much and when it comes to summer you don't want to have to worry about more than you have too. So, with that said, I've been keeping my eye out for versatile and easy to wear dresses that won't break my college student budget that I have to work with.
This dress and belt are from Charlotte Russe. The top of the dress is a tank style with a floral print, while the bottom skirt has a sort of bohemian flare to it.The belt actually came with the dress, talk about a deal! The necklace is also from Charlotte Russe and has similar colored stones as the colors in the dress (which I absolutely love by the way!). The dress was around $25 dollars, while the necklace was no more than $10. The shoes I'm wearing are not seen here, but I simply paired this outfit with white braided sandals to finish off the look. This is definitely one of my favorite carefree summer looks!
 Now you may see a common pattern in where I am getting my clothes from. Charlotte Russe is where I work so the discount is nice and tends to be where I shop the most. Everything seen in the both pictures is also from CR. The dress is strapless with a simple white top and a pencil like floral bottom. I chose a brown belt to wear with this outfit (to spice it up a little). I'm wearing a multi-color band bracelet on my right hand and a simple gold necklace with dangling charms. In the first picture you can actually see me shoes, which are brown gladiators (that may not be as popular as last year, but still work for me)! The dress was under $30, while both the necklace and bracelet stayed under $10. The belt was $12.50 and the shoes were around $25.

So there is my little ssh-peal on dresses for the hot summer days. Stay cool!!!
<3 Kira

Photography by: Jazmine Estes, Elizabeth Ervin

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