Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caught in the Middle(ton)

I, like many others, have recently become obsessed with the royal family. I am absolutely in love with Kate's wardrobe and style choices! However, since the royal wedding, its become quite clear that someone else has stolen some of Kate's spotlight. Many of you may know who I mean and for those who don't I'm talking about Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton. Pippa seemed to come out of nowhere the day the of the royal wedding. Everyone seemed to ask the same question, "Who is this other girl in white?" 

Now that the wedding is over, I've noticed many shows airing that are talking about Pippa Middleton. So I thought it was only fitting to dedicate a post to Pippa! I'll be showing a casual and dressier look from Pippa, not to mention ways on how you can get the looks as well. So let's begin, shall we?!
 how to:
Charlotte Russe
 How to:
French Connection                      Charlotte Russe                     Charlotte Russe

I hope this helps those of you with Pippa fever!

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